Cookies Policy

Cookie Policy
This website is provided by the Ajinomoto Foundation. This website uses cookies and other tools to analyze the format of your website usage from other users to allow you to receive good experiences from the use of the Website and to allow Ajinomoto Foundation to develop the quality of this website to better meet your needs. In case you continue to use the website it means you consent to install cookies on your computer.
What are cookies?
Cookies are text files downloaded onto your computers for collecting the log data, internet-using, or your visiting website behavior. You can learn more about cookies at
Cookies will be worked automatically to collect and store the data of the website visit as follows;
  • Internet Domain and IP Address from your point which you enter the website.
  • Type of browser software as well as the structure and operating system to access into the website
  • Date and time when you access the website
  • A webpage which you visit and bring you leave from our website including content and time that you use and visit on the webpage.

How does the Foundation use cookies?
The foundation will collect the visiting data of users or through cookies or other technology of similar nature and will use cookies to improve the efficiency of accessing the Foundation's services via the internet, including improving the efficiency of using the Foundation's services.

How many types of cookies which Foundation use?
The Foundation uses cookies for the website as following items
  • Strictly Necessary Cookies: These cookies are necessary for the website to make the website normally work, be safe, and able to access the website such as logging in, sign up, identity verification However, you are unable to turn off using this cookies through Foundation's website system.
  • Analytical/Performance Cookies: These cookies will help us able to memorize and count the number of website visitors as well as website user behavior to improve the quality and suitability of the website user and collecting the statistical data related to the method of access website and website user behavior will help users to find the needy data and help us to understand the users’ interests and able to measure the efficiency of public relations.
  • Functionality Cookies:These cookies will recognize you when you turn back to use the website again which helps us to tailor the suitable content to meet your requirements as well as memorize your website setting such as language, region, or font size which you choose for using the website.
  • Targeting Cookies:These cookies will record your website visit. Webpage and link that you visit. We will use this data for improving the website and the content that shows on the webpage to be more met your interest. Moreover, maybe use this data with third parties for this objective

Third-Party Cookies
Please be aware that some types of cookies on this website are managed by third parties such as advertising networks, types of content such as videos, maps, social media, and other website service providers such as data analytic service providers etc. These cookies are usually for analytics/measuring performance of work or cookies to tailor the content meet to the target audience. You should be learned the Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy on third-party websites for understanding the method by which third parties may be used your data.

Cookie settings
You are able to block the functionality of cookies by setting in your browser. You are able to refuse of setting all cookies or some type of cookie but be aware if you set up your browser by blacking all cookies (including important cookies for use) maybe you are unable to access all parts or some parts of our website.
Whenever you need to revoke consent to using cookies. You should set your browser to delete cookies leave from each browser that you use.