Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of use our website
The terms and conditions of use of the website which is now being activated (hereinafter called the “Term”). This term shall be effective from 1 June 2022. The details are as follows;

1) Definition
(A) “Website” mean this is the website called “Ajinomoto Foundation e-Learning” and referring website addresses https://nutrition.ajinomotofoundation.or.th/th by providing and operating the Services to promote learning and enhancement of specialized skills to teacher, student, parent or website users
(B) “Websites owners” mean Ajinomoto foundation, a Juristic Entity Registration No: 0994000086024 having its principle office at 487/1, Si Ayutthaya Road, Thanon Phaya Thai Sub-District, Ratchathewi District, Bangkok 10400
(C) “Website user” mean the person who visits the website, user, member of the Website or any other person accessing the Website. whether visiting, using, membership or accessing any action by any means, through any device through which channel and whether there is a cost or not
(D) “Personal Data” mean any information relating to a natural person, which enables the identification of such natural person, whether directly or indirectly, but not including the information of the deceased person in particular, pursuant to the personal data protection laws
(E) “Content” mean any text, article, opinion, analytics, image, symbol, mark, image, invention, photograph, motion picture, movie, sound recording, design, instruction, instruction set or communication of any nature and any means on the website and whether such content contains access restriction or not

2) Permission to use the website
By accessing or using this Website you agree to be bound to our Terms of Use by the then current version of these terms of service.
3) Instructions for use
In the use of the user's website to achieve the highest efficiency and user experience, Users may use the website as prescribed by the website owner as follows
3.1 Subscription agreement
I certify that information that I have provided to the Ajinomoto Foundation is my own information and the information is accurate, complete, truthful and up-to-date in all respects without pretending or violating of personal rights, ownership rights or the secrets of others as well as not in violation of relevant laws. However, I acknowledge and agree that if the Foundation detects or has reasonable grounds to suspect that my information is not true, the Foundation has the right to suspend my use immediately without notice and if such information is a fraud or is any act that infringes personal rights ownership rights or the secret of others, I am guilty and shall be punished as prescribed by law.
3.2 Membership Terms and Conditions
3.2.1 I acknowledge and agree that to log in (Login) Ajinomoto Foundation e-Learning and access the Foundation's website. Regardless of whether I log in to Ajinomoto Foundation e-Learning or not, I will abide the terms and conditions of use of the website and/or any other terms and conditions that the Foundation will be established or amended in the future including agreeing to strictly comply with all relevant laws and regulations
3.2.2 I acknowledge and agree to keep my Username and Password for my Ajinomoto Foundation e-Learning login confidential including agreeing and acknowledging that any accesses and transactions arising from logging in through my identity and password are completely legitimate and are done by me. If any damage occurs for any reason I shall be responsible for all such actions and agreed not to argue or demand the Ajinomoto Foundation responsible for compensation to me in all cases
3.2.3 The Foundation will provide appropriate technologies and measures to secure the information of Ajinomoto Foundation e-Learning members in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. However, I acknowledge and agree that the Foundation shall not be liable for any damages incurred to me from my use in connection with the Ajinomoto Foundation e-Learning services.
3.2.4 I acknowledge and agree that the Foundation reserves the right to stop or suspend the Ajinomoto Foundation e-Learning service in whole or in part without prior notice
3.2.5 I acknowledge and agree that the Foundation reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of use of the Ajinomoto Foundation e-Learning service at any time in order to conform to the changing guidelines and provisions of the law. I may not give or notice to me in advance. Therefore, I agree to always follow these terms and conditions of use of the Ajinomoto Foundation e-Learning services. and the terms and conditions of use of the Ajinomoto Foundation e-Learning service after logging in (Login) and in the event of a material change, the Foundation will do its best to notify me.
3.2.6 I acknowledge and agree that these Ajinomoto Foundation e-Learning Terms and Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the Thai law and the Thai courts are authorized to consider any disputes that may arise.
3.3. Personal Data
I acknowledge and agree that my personal data provided in connection with access to the Ajinomoto Foundation e-Learning service will be processed and protected in accordance with the notice on the Foundation's Privacy Notice, which I have read and acknowledged the details and requirements in the Foundation's Privacy Notice 

4) Prohibition of use of the website
In any event, the user's use of the website The user agrees not to use the website, either directly or indirectly, in any of the following ways:
  1. Doing any act that is against the law Court judgments or orders of government or government bodies;
  2. Do any act that may be contrary to public order or customs;
  3. Any act that infringes the intellectual property, copyright, trademark, patent, reputation right privacy rights and any other rights of the owner of the website or other persons;
  4. Take any action that leads to the collection Disclosure or provision of personal information unlawful;
  5. Do any act that interferes with the operation of the server system, instruction set or network system of the website.

5) User account
In using the website, website owners may provide user accounts for each user. At the request of the user from time to time, the site owner has the sole right to authorize the opening of the user account. Set account type Assign access rights to each account type, any costs associated with the user account. Responsibilities of the user who owns that account. The user agrees to keep his account name, password, and any information strictly confidential and agrees not to allow it and agrees to use their best efforts to prevent others from using the User Account of the user in the event that the user's account is used by another person The user agrees and warrants that any use by such third parties is performed on behalf of the user and is binding as if the user was doing it himself.

6) Personal Data that the Foundation Collects, Uses or Disclose and Retention Period
In using the website, the user acknowledges and agrees that the owner of the website has the right to store, process, and utilize it. The personal information of the user that the user provides to the owner of the website, including the following personal information:
  1. Personal information such as name-surname, nickname, identification number, passport number, tax identification number, gender, date of birth, age, religious, racial/nationality and health/nutrition information;
  2. Contact information such as an address, telephone/mobile number, fax number, Email, Account ID of LINE/Facebook/Social Media and Person contact in case of Emergency;
  3. Education information such as Education Background, Education result, Skill and Records of Training/Internship/Exchange;
  4. Working/Employment information such as Workplace/Address, Government ID card, Work Experiences, position, service year, research/project data and publications;
  5. Portraits/Photo and/or Motion Picture/Video such as Portraits/Photo and/or Motion Picture/Video which participant has submitted to the Foundation or created during participation to the Foundation’s project/activities
  6. Any information which is deemed Personal Data under PDPA.
  7. Any information that is personal information under the PDPA, whereby the user's personal information, the Foundation will collect, use and disclose the participant's personal information to the extent necessary for the operation of the Foundation for the purposes of the Foundation. For example, the implementation of various projects/activities which may have different procedures. Developing the potential of human resources and people participating in projects/activities Communicating information related to the Foundation's projects/activities or public relations procurement Compliance with the contract that the participants are parties to the foundation Necessity for the legitimate interests of the Foundation any person or juristic person compliance with the law Preventing or suppressing harm to a person's life, body or health financial transactions Operations of the Foundation Contacting and coordinating various matters as well as participating in the activities of the Foundation. Whereas the user has the right to access, delete, modify, change, transfer, and deny personal information provided to the website owner and at any time, the user may withdraw his consent to the collection and use of the user's personal information as follows. This can be said as long as it does not violate the law or the rights of the website owner. In the event that the website owner takes out the user's personal information for use, the website owner agrees to use such information as long as it does not cause damage. annoyance and annoyance to the data owner and will not disclose such information to third parties in a manner that may identify the user of the data owner Except for use and disclosure as required by law or by order of a government agency.

7) User testimonials and duties
In using the user's website, the user undertakes and warrants to the owner of the website that the user will use with the best efforts to perform duties and to the terms of the following terms.
  1. The user has thoroughly read and understood the terms and conditions of these Terms. and by visiting, using or being a member of the website The user agrees to the terms set forth in these terms.
  2. The user understands and acknowledges that the Terms are a binding and legally enforceable contract between the website owner and the user.
  3. The user will take any necessary and reasonable action to employees of users, any subcontractor, assistant, consultant or representative of the user (if any) strictly complies with these Terms.
  4. In the event that someone else has a claim or has a claim against the user or the user is sued for, or is caused by, the user's use of the website, the user will settle the claim at the user's expense and responsibility and the user agrees to protect it with the best efforts. The owner of the website is not involved in the settlement of such claims.
  5. In the event that the website owner has any damages or expenses related to or caused by the user's use of the website, the user agrees to fully indemnify such damages or expenses to the website owner.

8) User content
In using the website, the Users may be able to display User Content within the Website whether or not access to the content is restricted where the user agrees to
  1. Do not display content that infringes on the rights of others. This includes but is not limited to copyrights, proprietary rights, patents, trademark rights, rights in product form, rights in utility products, trade secret right to fame right to portrait privacy rights and reputation rights;
  2. Do not display content that is contrary to public order, good morals and support for violence offense;
  3. Do not display any content that is questionable, profane, deceptive, deceptive or suggestive in a manner that may harm other users or may cause an illegal act;
  4. Do not display personal or confidential information belonging to others without the permission of the owner of the information;
  5. Do not display false content whether displaying false content will cause damage to others or not;
  6. Do not display content that leads to discrimination based on race, national origin, nationality, religion, gender, social status, etc.

9) Violation of the terms of the user
In the following cases
  1. User breaches these terms.,User testimonials provided in these Terms or any guidelines that the website owner has notified the user whether in general or specifically;
  2. Users use the website going for illegal purposes contrary to social order;
  3. Users take any action that may cause damage to the website, website owner, other users or third parties;
  4. Users take any action that the website owner considers inappropriate, the website owner at the website owner's sole discretion, may proceed as follows:
    a) Send official notices to users to edit such behavior;
    b) suspend the user's use of the website within period of time or without a fixed period without prior notice and;
    c) Terminate the user's right to use or access the website without prior notice. In the event that the website owner suspends or terminates the right to use or access the website in accordance with these Terms. User acknowledges and agrees that the owner of the website is not responsible for any loss, damage, claim, liability, expense. arising out of or in connection with any such action under these Terms.

10) Availability of the website
The user agrees and acknowledges that the owner of the website may suspend use of the website either in whole or in part whether temporarily or permanently without any obligation to compensate for any damage that may occur to users as in the following cases:
  1. Tool maintenance and equipment necessary to enable the use of the website, including but not limited to server maintenance;
  2. Improvements and development of the instruction set system related to the use of the website. This includes but is not limited to updating the website's instructions (Update), updating the system's instruction set (Firmware update).
  3. tools, equipment or instruction set systems related to the use of the website not available due to a tool, device, or system of instructions Regardless of whether the tool, device or algorithm is in the possession of the website owner or a third party.
  4. Force majeure, including but not limited to Power failure Communication system failures, accidents, accidents, fires, natural disasters, strikes Enforcing or changing the law government order

11) Report the problem and behavior
Users may report any issues from using the website including but not limited to Website or instruction set errors, the behavior of other users that do not comply with these terms or use in a manner that may cause disturbances contrary to the good morals of the people to encourage violence or use behavior in a manner that harass other users at [email protected]

12) Help
In case that users have any questions, inquiries about the use of the website Users can inquire at [email protected]

13) Exclusion of liability
The user agrees and acknowledges that there is no part in these Terms or within the website whether express or implied that the owner of the website:
  1. Guarantees the stability, reliability, accuracy, completeness, effectiveness, suitability for the particular purpose of the user, safety, error of the website.
  2. Responsible for any damages that happens to users in using the website including but not limited to damage to equipment, the system the user uses to use the website or the loss of user data or content, rights and reputation of the user, except for such damage caused by the intentional act or gross negligence of the website owner.
  3. Responsible for any damages arising from the actions of third parties including but not limited to the act of unauthorized access to information (Hacker) computer criminals.

14) Intellectual property
User understands and acknowledges that all intellectual property rights, including but not limited to the content of the website owner, copyrights, patents, trademarks service mark trade name or design which systems appear on the website and which are used on the website; no matter what time it is, the absolute right of all website owners. The user has a revocable and non-transferable right to use the Intellectual Property. As long as the owner of the website has given permission to use it. Subject to the terms of these Terms only and at any time there is no agreement in these Terms whether express or implied which is the transfer of any rights relating to such intellectual property rights to users, both directly and indirectly.

15) Confidentiality
In using the website, the user may have known or received information from the owner of the website or from any other person for the use of the website in accordance with these terms which has not been publicly disclosed or was not intended to be publicly disclosed at the time of disclosure. The user agrees to keep the information of the owner of the website or information obtained from the owner of the website confidential. whether personal or commercial information and whether it has value or not and will not disclose Publish a notice or make it available to third parties unless it is done by law Governing body orders State authority or prior written consent of the website owner.

16) Amendment
The website owner may amend and change the text of these Terms. any time and whether in whole or in part The owner of the website will notify the user when there is a change from time to time and shall also be deemed to be an integral part of these Terms.

17) Relationship of the parties
where both parties understand and know that Entering into these Terms does not cause the parties to the contract and the employees of each party to have an employee relationship according to labor law or a partner in accordance with the law of partnerships and companies in any way

18) Transfer of rights
Unless otherwise provided in these Terms. The user agrees not to assign all rights, duties and/or liabilities under these Terms to any person without the prior written consent of the website owner.

19) Waivers
The owner of the website does not exercise or delay the right in any matter or at any time. It shall not be deemed that the owner of the website has waived such rights. and the owner of the website partially exercised or waived the right in any matter or at any one time It shall not be regarded as a waiver of the right in other matters or on other occasions as well.

20) Notice
The User agrees to provide any notice or notice which the Owner of the Website must provide to anyone under these Terms will be deemed to have been given notice. If it has been sent to the user by the method specified as follows:
  • Notify the statement at the first place of the website.
  • Notify the statement at the e-mail or account that the user has given to the Foundation.

21) Governing Law
These Terms of Use are governed by the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand.

22) Dispute Resolution
If there is an argument, any conflict that occurred of these terms. If the parties cannot reach an agreement, the parties agree to bring the dispute sue in the court in Thailand.